Technical illustration: When you combine Photo-editing and 3D drawings, it allows you to make stunning pictures and realistic view at the product.
Ideal for sale, marketing and promotion; it will give your clients a true and realistic image of there interests. But also very usefull for installation and manuals.

Publicing can be done with several media, depending on the request.
Over 10 years I’ve been working on posters, websites, Powerpoint presentations and flyers.

Publications / posters

Verabouw tribunebank

Easy mountable sport tribune promotion poster


Impression for client of a custom made stair


First design, construction and calculations made for patented Dutch invention



3D engineering designs

Mainly SolidWorks is being used for drawing and drafting. In an earlier stage also Solid Edge has been used.

Detailled engineering of home made buggy

Detailled engineering of home made buggy

exploded view

Exploded view of easy mountable tribune

Nautic Arm

First design and strength calculation for the Nautic Arm (Dutch patented innovation)

steel plate

Transportation plates of brick factory

Cut out view of a belt transmission

exploded view

Exploded view of belt transmission

poort samenstelling korte muurpoten   poort


Detailled 3D design of a paintball marker


Detailed view of start button

spiegelkast finished

Own bathroom storage closet with mirror


Powerpoint is an quite easy and cheap way of sketching and available in most offices. Not very realistic or able to view in 360 degree, but can still be effective for presentation.

section view opmerkingen JW wit groter


Animated CAD designs