Scientists dream about doing great things. Engineers do them.

Great pleasure can be found if the designed product is actually being build.
I like to use my practical skills as well. Started by fixing cars and motorcycles in my back yard, helping friends and family with allround jobs around the house and creating home decorations and furnitures.

In my spare time and former jobs I’ve been able to manufacture multiple projects. A few will be shown below.

Piston rod with clock and engraved text (goodbye-gift for a colleague)

Coat rack


Lounge corner with water vapor fireplace

TV wall furniture






Motor rear wheel lift


Tree trunk 50cm – machined with chainsaw


Transformed Opel Omega rear wheel drive

Concept Engineering: create multiple similar models lets you easily select the most attractive and usefull design.

Entrance to my back yard, created my own design and fitted into a photo for realistic impression:

poort in de muur

Real photo backyard entrance gate

Real view after installation


spiegelkast finished

Mirror storage in bathroom. Designed and handmade by myself



Artists impression and true image of unique table



Multiple designs for my table


Sketch for new bathroom at home


roeren plaatsen

Sketch and plan for rudder mounting beneath vessel


Rudder mounting on vessel

Execution of rudder mounting beneath vessel, just after lauching into the water