MvdV 2020

Ing. Mart van der Valk
33 years young
Living nearby ‘s-Hertogenbosch

Grown up on a farm, studied Mechanical Engineering at Avans University, fixed cars and motorcycles in my back yard and started with great pleasure my career in  a production environment to expand my pratical skills.
Since my 16th anniversary I have worked in small and medium-large production facilities. For my Mechanical engineering internships I have worked for half a year as a fulltime CAD engineer, were I expanded my skills on SolidWorks and SolidEdge. My second internship was as Concept Engineer for Royal IHC deep-sea mining: The methodical design of a conceptual seafloor mining platform, with a specialization in new type of propulsion.
I started my professional career in 2009 as a maritime benchfitter for Royal IHC. I have been working on the production of two custom-build dredging vessels at the (famous) Dutch Verolme shipyard in Heusden (VSH). Soon it turned into a combination of production and a team leading role. Medium size TSHD “Isandlwana” and “Victor Horta” are succesfully being build and commissioned. On the first vessel I have installed the mechanical equipment from small foundations to dredging pumps and the complete propulsion line. For the second vessel my role was changed to ‘co-operting foreman’: supervision / lead of a mechanical team from 6 to 11 employees, with the main activities to direct, schedule and co-operate in the installation work, as well as solving problems and synchronize  work with subcontractors.

Picture taken at Royal IHC, during photoshoot for ROVC

Picture taken at Royal IHC, during photoshoot for ROVC

After a reorganisation in 2011 I have been working for Royal IHC in Kinderdijk and Sliedrecht and also commissioning became part of the job.
During the years 2011 – 2015 I have worked as a co-operation foreman for two custom-built cutter dredgers “Shanti Sagar XVI” & “Miondo” and many IHC Beaver Dredgers®. Hereby I have commissioned several Beaver 40s and Beaver 50s. In 2015 before an upcomming reorganisation I decided to look for a new challenge in a more commercial setting. I became an account manager for service jobs on hydraulic systems, mainly for Damen shipyards worldwide. Allthough the commercial activities were quite interesting and working with Damen was a pleasure, I missed the field work. After my one-year contract I choose to make a change. Due to a non-competition clause I had to leave the maritime industry.

In my latest role I have been working as Technical Advisor for engine applications in industry, gen-sets and maritime industry. Mainly (after) sales support on John Deere, Doosan, Nanni and Zenoro diesel engines, used as generator drive or powertrain solution. customer-20190328_2
I have held a close relation with service technician, customers (OEM) and engine suppliers John Deere, Doosan and Nanni. I supported them by phone, e-mail and on-site. During these years I have expand my knowledge on engine technique, specially engine emission after treatment devices (DOC / (s)DPF / SCR / DEF etc.), engine installation, engine communication by CANbus and commissioning / application review. Due to Covid-19 consequences in 2020 my position has ended.

In my leasure time I also create and make some non-profit mechanical designs, engineering and publications, which portfolio is shown on